Should I do a bridesmaids’ first look?

Hey there, lovely brides-to-be!

Before you walk down that aisle and say “I do,” there’s one special moment you might want to consider adding to your wedding timeline: the first look with your bridesmaids. Trust me, it’s a game changer, and here’s why!

First, what is a bridesmaids’ first look?

A bridesmaid’s first look is a moment during a wedding day where the bride reveals her wedding dress to her bridesmaids for the first time. It’s similar to the traditional “first look” where the bride and groom see each other in their wedding attire before the ceremony, but in this case, it’s specifically focused on the bride showing her dress to her closest female friends or family members who are serving as bridesmaids in the wedding. This can be a special and emotional moment shared between the bride and her attendants, often captured in photographs or video.

Why you should do a bridesmaids’ first look:

  1. Shared Excitement: Picture this: You’re all dolled up in your stunning gown, nerves tingling with excitement, and who better to share that moment with than your closest girlfriends? Having a first look with your bridesmaids means you get to revel in that anticipation together. It’s like a pre-wedding pep talk filled with hugs, laughter, and maybe even a few happy tears.
  2. Support System: Your bridesmaids are your ultimate cheerleaders, and seeing you for the first time all glammed up will only amplify their love and support. Their smiles and encouraging words will boost your confidence and calm those pre-ceremony jitters. Plus, having them by your side during such an intimate moment can be incredibly beautiful and tearful.
  3. Capture Candid Moments: First looks with your bridesmaids offer a prime opportunity for your photographer to capture some truly candid and heartfelt shots. From the look of awe on their faces to the group hugs and high-fives, these moments are pure gold and will make for cherished memories you’ll treasure forever. Just look at the first look a bride did with her bridesmaids below. They came out so gorgeous and they are some of my favorite candid photos shot at a wedding.
  4. Make It Memorable: Your wedding day is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime, right? Well, a first look with your bridesmaids adds another unforgettable moment to the mix. It’s a chance to pause, take it all in, and soak up the love and excitement before the whirlwind of the ceremony and reception begins.
  5. Bonding Time: Let’s be real, weddings can get pretty hectic, and you might not have as much one-on-one time with your bridesmaids as you’d like. A first look allows for some quality bonding time before the chaos ensues. You can reminisce about old memories, share excitement about the day ahead, and simply enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed setting.

When should I do a bridesmaids’ first look?

  1. Before the Wedding Ceremony: Many brides choose to have the bridesmaids’ first look occur before the ceremony, often when everyone is getting ready together. This can be a calm and intimate moment before the hustle and bustle of the ceremony begins. It allows for special bonding time between the bride and her bridesmaids and provides an opportunity for photographs before the ceremony.
  2. During the Getting Ready Process: Another option is to incorporate the bridesmaids’ first look into the getting ready process. This could happen as the bride is getting dressed or after she has completed her own preparations. It can be a natural transition before heading to the ceremony venue.

Not only should you do a first look with your groom, you should definitely do a bridesmaids’ first look!

So, there you have it, brides! A first look with your bridesmaids isn’t just a trend; it’s a meaningful addition to your wedding day that celebrates friendship, love, and the joy of sharing life’s special moments with those who matter most. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Now go ahead, gather your squad, and get ready for a first look experience that’ll leave you feeling even more grateful for the amazing women in your life. Cheers to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

February 13, 2024

  1. Lee hardy says:

    Love this! The wedding world has definitely evolved in the last 15 years and you’re definitely making your mark by helping the future Mr. & Mrs. capture the most out of their special day.

  2. Samantha says:

    I love this idea, Vanessa! What a great moment to capture–makes total sense to plan ahead for it on a wedding day!

  3. Karla Vacek says:

    Aw, I love this! I’ve never heard of a bridesmaid first look but I love the idea! Beautiful pictures too!

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