- vanessa

Dear future bride, mom or anyone else nosey like me:

I am going to keep it real here. I have OCD, but it's not even the productive kind. It's the "did I lock the door?" after making sure I locked it 10 times before driving back home just to make sure it's locked. It's the "is my camera in my camera bag" so I stop the car to check knowing I checked my camera bag multiple times before leaving the house. I also have 2 dogs and 1 cat, which does not help my OCD for clean floors at all, or even my allergies for that matter. I am fighting for my life here, people! My best friend is Clean Elizabeth...that's the name of my Shark vacuum, silly! My body is also on "check engine" because I have SI joint inflammation and spondylolysis, yet here I am chasing after your kid to capture their silly moments. I am sarcastic AF and deal with life through humor.

I have a long term partner, his name is Tom aka Tom the Builder, Tim the Toolman. He loves working in the garage after work. He also tracks in a lot of sawdust in the house...ERRR. Without him, this business wouldn't have been born. He pushed me to make this a business and become a boss. He's pretty rad. 

I'm about to get mushy, so grab the tissues...photography was truly born from a place of pain that I had to numb. I was going through a divorce and had to keep my mind off all of it, so I picked up my Nikon d3200 and started learning manual mode. Photography started to heal me, so photographing families is still a priority for me. I photograph pregnancy announcements to baby bumps (maternity) to family photos. 

Couples photography started later on and something about photographing couples ignites my soul. I just love photographing couples in love. I love the editorial and romantic vibe, but welcome the quirky can't-stop-laughing couples. If you are stiff, don't like to be photographed, and don't mesh well with my good ass humor, we probably aren't a good fit. I truly believe it's important that you not only love your photographer's style, but you and your photography become friends

I'm a jupiter wedding photographer and portrait photographer- that means i serve a lot of south florida counties but mainly west palm beach. 

Jupiter wedding photographer

meet the photographer

dog mom. 
cat mom. 
middle school teacher (yup, i am brave). 

Your love story in pictures.

not just a camera...


dying to see your work