When You Should Take Photos at the Beach

Being a family photographer in Florida means taking a lot of beach photos. I wrote this blog post to help families like you decide when you should take photos at the beach. Hands down, the best time to take photos at the beach is during golden hour!

My Best Tips for Deciding When You Should Take Photos at the Beach

1. Sunrise Beach Photos:

The early morning hours, particularly around sunrise, give off a magical soft golden light. The beach is relatively quieter during this time, allowing for more privacy and fewer distractions during your photo session. Sunrise sessions start a little after the sunrise.

2. Sunset Beach Photos:

Just before sunset, during the golden hour, is another ideal time for beach photos. The warm, golden light during this time of day casts a flattering glow on everyone and everything it touches. The beach takes on a dreamy quality, providing a stunning backdrop for your family pictures. Sunset beach photos start one hour before the sunset.

3. Weather Watch:

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. While sunny days are often preferred, partly cloudy skies can also add depth and drama to your beach photos. However, be cautious of stormy or excessively windy conditions that might affect the quality of your shoot.

Tips for a Successful Beach Photoshoot

  1. Wardrobe Choices: Opt for comfortable and coordinated outfits that complement the beach setting without blending in too much. Light, flowy fabrics in pastel or earthy tones often work well. Cream colors are my absolute favorite. Choose cream over white. Choose a pastel pink over hot pink.
  2. Timing is Key: Arrive early to secure a good spot and utilize the best lighting conditions.
  3. Allow for candid moments and natural interactions to capture genuine emotions.

Sunrise beach photo session on Palm Beach Island

Choosing the right time to take family photos at the beach can significantly impact the outcome of your session. Whether you prefer the soft, serene light of sunrise or the warm golden glow of sunset, understanding the optimal times and seasonal considerations can help you create beautiful and lasting memories with your loved ones against the breathtaking backdrop of the beach.

Vanessa Palomino Vanessa Palomino Photography is a Florida family photographer who is based in South Florida. She services Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and occasionally Miami for her very best clients. She was featured in The Motherhood Anthology, The Photographer’s Magazine, and Unscripted. She is experienced, friendly, and takes much pride in her work. Vanessa takes on a limited amount of photo sessions a month, so reach out now; after all, early bird catches the worm!

December 7, 2023

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