Top Questions to Ask your Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding is an important decision to ensure you look and feel your best on your special day.

Here are my top questions to ask your makeup artist for your wedding to ask before hiring them:

  1. Availability: Are you available on my wedding date? How many weddings do you typically do in a day?
  2. Portfolio and Experience: Can I see examples of your previous bridal work or portfolio? How many years of experience do you have in doing bridal makeup?
  3. Style and Technique: What is your signature style when it comes to bridal makeup? Can you accommodate specific makeup looks or preferences I have in mind?
  4. Products and Brands: What brands of makeup products do you typically use? Are you open to using specific brands or products I prefer or have allergies to?
  5. Trial Session: Do you offer a trial session before the wedding day? What is the cost, and how far in advance should I schedule it?
  6. Duration and Schedule: How long will the makeup application take on the wedding day? What time will you arrive to start and finish the makeup?
  7. Team and Assistants: Will you be the only makeup artist on-site, or do you work with a team? If so, can I meet them or see their work?
  8. Rates and Services: What are your rates for bridal makeup? Do you offer packages or additional services (e.g., touch-ups throughout the day)?
  9. Contract and Policies: What is your booking process? Do you require a deposit or signing a contract? What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?
  10. References or Reviews: Can you provide references from past brides or reviews from your previous clients?
  11. Setup and Requirements: What do you need from me in terms of space, lighting, or any other specific requirements on the wedding day?
  12. Touch-Up Kit: Will you provide a touch-up kit for me to use during the day? What items will be included?

Remember, it’s crucial to feel comfortable and confident with your makeup artist choice. Asking these questions will help you understand their expertise, style, and professionalism, ensuring you find the right fit for your wedding day.

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Kelsey Leigh

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November 30, 2023

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