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I am sure you are in the midst of preparing your home and your family for the arrival of your baby, and I bet it’s stressful. I want to make your experience easy because I can only imagine how busy you are. Here are some frequently asked questions from potential maternity clients:

Questions to ask before booking your Delray Beach Photographer

How far ahead should I book my maternity photos?

To work with your Delray Beach maternity photographer, it’s best to book them about 3 months out.

Do you offer digital images or prints?

Part of your package includes digital images delivered in a curated gallery. From the gallery, you have the option of purchasing single prints and beautiful print albums.

How long does a photo session last?

Typically, maternity sessions last up to 1 hour.

How many images will I receive?

You will receive all the best images from your photo session. This could be up to 80 edited digital images. I do not offer different packages, as I am all inclusive, however, this is subject to change.

Can I do outfit changes?

Absolutely! You have up to one hour with me, so you can make any outfit changes within that hour. I have found that one outfit change is ideal so that there isn’t a lot of time wasted.

When is the best time to take my maternity photos?

The ideal time would be when you are 30-36 weeks.

Do you offer studio locations?

I do not own a studio, however, I do have a list of studios that I recommend. I do offer location recommendations that are best suited for maternity photos. I am also open to suggestions.

Maternity Photos by Delray Beach Photographer

What’s next?

I hope that this article has helped you and you’re ready to book a maternity photo session with me.

You can find out more about booking a maternity photo shoot with me here:

Now is the time to take beautiful maternity photos so book

Vanessa Palomino Photography has had her work featured in “The Unscripted App” for photographers and was part of the Motherhood Anthology. She offers maternity photo sessions to clients in South Florida including Delray Beach. You can view her family photo gallery here.

May 11, 2023

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