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Tips on Preparing for Your Mini Session

With my Motherhood Mini Sessions spots opening, I thought it would be helpful to give you some tips on how to prepare for a mini session.

What to Wear

I’m a firm believer that less is better. The best colors that go with my style of photographer are neutral earth-toned colors. I always advise moms to wear a staple piece and have the rest of the family coordinate around mom’s outfit.

Arrival Time

A mini session is a quick back-to-back photo session, so it’s important that families arrive a little earlier than their scheduled time. I recommend arriving to your booked time slot at least 15 minutes early. This gives families enough time to find parking or do any last minute feedings.

Snacks and Nap Time

A happy kid is much more likely to cooperate during a photo session. When booking a time slot for your mini session, it is best to consider when your child is the most cooperative and happy. I also recommend bringing a snack that is not messy and a lollipop or candy to give them after the session.

My Biggest Tip

As a previous middle school teacher, I found that the best way to prepare for anything was to practice chunks of it ahead of time. So, my biggest tip that I can give parents to help prepare their kid for a photo session is to practice! Make it a game. Spend about a week before your scheduled photo session by pretending to do little photo sessions around the house or outside. Sit with them and cuddle them like crazy or tickle them. Set up your phone to take a posed photo with them. Run around the living room or pick them up for a dance. Spend this quality time to find out what makes them laugh. Keep it short and sweet and then reward them with a candy or some free time. I truly believe this helps them be more cooperative during their session, and the best yet, they will know what to do when they arrive for their photo session.

Hope this helps you prepare for your mini session or any photo session.

My Motherhood Mini Sessions are now booking and are being held in a beautiful studio in Wellington, Florida. Click here to book.

What is your best tip to help your family prepare for a mini session?

January 28, 2022

  1. Lee says:

    Great tips for families and those new to the professional picture scene. These will definitely ensure the family gets the best out of their session.

    Another good tip is make going to the session like they are going to a fashion show or a movie set! Make it fun and enjoyable before you even hit the scene, this will definitely get your kids’ (and your own) creativity going.

  2. Hilary mayo says:

    I had an awesome experience with my family taking photos! With a toddler and newborn the window of opportunity is small and she made magic happen I didn’t think was going to be possible because both were grumpy…fast forward I didn’t think she could have possibly gotten a single shot and they literally all were awesome. Momma’s with anxiety of getting ready and thinking it will all be for nothing just show up I treasure these photos and am happy we did this rather than all my blurry phone pictures I take.

  3. Laura says:

    These are such great tips! Especially the one about nap time. When we did our photos my youngest was in a cranky mood at first but you made it such a fun experience for her and we got such amazing photos.

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